Micheal Anthony Foy
英国健康产品管理局(MHRA) 药物警戒部主管

  Mick Foy在英国健康产品管理局(MHRA)工作了30余年,10年前开始担任药物警戒信息和研究部的负责人。他主要负责英国黄卡制度的运行以及MHRA的信号检测系统,同时还负责关于促进药品安全监测的两个欧盟的大项目:一项是欧共体资助的SCOPE(加强合作开展欧盟范围内的药物警戒)联合行动,目的是提升欧盟成员国监管者的药物警戒能力;一项是创新药物计划(IMI)资助的WEB-RADR (识别药品不良反应)项目,该项目寻求使用手机Apps报告不良反应报告以及利用社交媒体为药品安全服务。Mick Foy先生还引领MHRA在药物警戒能力建设方面的国际战略。他也是MedDRA管理委员会的成员。

  Mick Foy has been with the MHRA for more than 30 years, he has been manager of the Vigilance Intelligence and Research Group for 10 years. Amongst his responsibilities is the operation of the UK’s Yellow Card Scheme and the MHRA’s signal detection systems. He is also responsible two large European projects to improve drug safety monitoring. The EC funded SCOPE (Strengthening Collaborations to Operate Pharmacovigilance in Europe) Joint Action aims to improve the pharmacovigilance capabilities of national regulators in Europe, and the Innovative Medicines Initiative funded WEB-RADR (Recognising Adverse Drug Reactions) project seeks to deliver mobile Apps for reporting ADRs and to utilise social media for drug safety purposes. Mick also leads the MHRA’s international strategy with regard to pharmacovigilance capacity building. Mick is also a member of the MedDRA Management Board.