Shanthi Pal
世界卫生组织 药品安全部负责人

  药理学博士,世界卫生组织药品安全部负责人,主要负责世卫公共卫生计划、全球健康倡议、以及促进中低收入国家药物警戒系统建设与完善等工作。Shanthi 博士还是世卫国际药物监测年会秘书、世卫药品安全咨询委员会秘书、国际药物统计方法工作组秘书、乌普萨拉监测中心(UMC)理事会副主席和ICH E19工作组世卫代表。Shanthi 博士工作期间,制定了世卫药物警戒战略,带领开发了队列监测等药品上市后安全监测方法,作为不良反应自发报告系统的重要补充,作为世卫技术负责人促进非洲和东盟区域经济共同体(REC)的药物警戒工作等。

Education: B. Pharmacy (Hons), M. Pharmacy and PhD in Pharmacology

Current Job Title: Group Lead, Medicines Safety, WHO, Switzerland

Key Responsibilities in WHO:

  · Leading the Medicines Safety group in WHO

  · Building partnerships with public health programmes and Global Health Initiatives

  · Strengthening pharmacovigilance systems in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC)

Key Positions of relevance:

  · Secretary to Annual Meeting of Representatives of National Pharmacovigilance Centres participating in the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring

  · Secretary to the WHO Advisory Committee on Safety of Medicinal Products

  · Secretary to the International Working Group for Drug Statistics Methodology

  · Deputy Member, Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) Board

  · WHO Nominee, ICH E19 working group

Key achievements:

  · Developed the WHO pharmacovigilance strategy for resource-limited settings.

  · Key driver in developing additional methods such as Cohort Event Monitoring and Targeted Surveillance to complement spontaneous reporting systems

  · WHO Technical lead for convergence of pharmacovigilance efforts in Regional Economic Communities (REC) in Africa and ASEAN

Selected Publications

  · S Pal, S Olsson, E Brown. The Monitoring Medicines Project: A Multinational Pharmacovigilance and Public Health Project, Drug Safety, April 2015

  · S Pal, C Duncombe, D Falzon, S Olsson. WHO Strategy for Collecting Safety Data in Public Health Programmes: Complementing Spontaneous Reporting Systems. Drug Safety, 2013

  · S Xueref, J Daviaud, S Pal. The Global Fund and pharmacovigilance systems in resource-limited settings. Lancet, 2013